roteins play vitals role in many existing medical and industrial products and research programs, and their economic importance will increase. Their impressive capabilities are demonstrated by the fact they perform the vast majority of the chemical activities and structural functions in all organisms, from viruses to humans. Purified proteins represent the active ingredients in many FDA-approved drugs and clinical assays as well as in a wide variety of consumer and industrial products. Proteins therapeutics (i.e., “biologics”) are now the hottest products in the biotech industry. The landmark 2011 FDA approval of Ipilimumab, an antibody that treats melanoma, heralded a new epoch for biologics. In 2012, five of the 10 top-selling prescription drugs worldwide were biologics, and it is estimated that they will constitute 25% of drug sales by 2018. Not only are antibody products purified proteins, but their development also requires other purified proteins including the target of the antibody. This area has enormous potential for growth.

    Proteins also represent key tools for drug-development and many other industrial research projects. Furthermore, ongoing acceleration in the development of protein-engineering methods is expected to enable the design of proteins with novel chemical and mechanical activities. Such designer nano-machines are likely to expand substantially the importance of medical and industrial applications of proteins. Therefore, protein production, an important economic activity for the past half century, is likely to gain further in importance in the 21st century.

    Most existing commercial protein-production efforts are inefficient, and many are unsuccessful. They tend to be performed by staff without deep technical expertise attempting to meet immediate needs. In contrast, we will harness our collective technical expertise, intellectual property, and management experience in protein biotechnology to address this inefficiency in the marketplace. The team of scientists behind this proposal have established and run two of the largest and most successful protein-production and characterization organizations in the world during the past 15 years. Our track record developing and implementing related methods will position our company to fulfill immediate needs in the marketplace and, over the long term, to develop novel technologies with medical and industrial applications that empower the expanding protein biotechnology industry.

    The science/business team behind nyPB has 15 years of experience directing some of the most efficient high-throughput protein production operations in the world and developing related patent-pending technologies.  This expertise will enable them to start selling protein products and related custom development services immediately to a variety of industries:

  1. BulletIndustrial enzymes ($4 billion per year market worldwide)

  2. BulletBiotech reagents ($33 billion per year market worldwide)

  3. BulletProteins for clinical diagnostics ($6 billion per year market worldwide)

  4. BulletProtein therapeutics ($100 billion per year market worldwide)

NY Protein Biologics